We work with freelancers
to create bold and unique designs, 
full-stack branding
for StartUps, small and medium-sized businesses
all around the world but based
in the picturesque Budapest

We bring your boldest dream to life

Brand Identity.

Long past are the days when it was enough for your brand if it had an address and a phone number in a yellow book. Today if your brand doesn’t have a huge presence in the online world, you are missing out huge opportunities. It is more important than ever that your brand has a strong identity and can build a relationship. Building a relationship between you and your customers is the key for success. That's why every interaction between your brand and your customer has to be meaningful. We have experience to find what makes your brand to come alive and tell its unique story.

How we can help you

  • Logo Design

  • Color Palette + Typo

  • Business Card

  • Product and packaging design

  • UX + UI Website, Responsive Website

  • Custom icons


My name is FIGARO!

  • Content creating, social media content

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Illustration

  • Creative Writing 

Multiplatform Visual Storytelling.

Telling your amazing story is the most powerful tool for building relationship with your customers. We humans are attracted to stories full of feelings and we believe that for a brand to be successful it is crucial to be able to build a strong emotional connection with its own customers. To be able to stand out from your competition it is crucial to reach out to your audience in as many ways as possible. We are here to help you to tell the core values, benefits and personality that is at the heart of your brand.

E-commerce + Shopify.

Nothing is more important than staying ahead of the game! From product design to your social media feed every detail is immensely important. We are constantly developing ourself so we can offer the newest features in e-commerce and you can get the highest conversion possible.

Figaro is here just for You!



You dream it, we build a story around it!

Just hold my beer and relax until it's done! 

Follow the flow

Our refined workflow allows us to deliver premium quality while never missing a deadline so YOU only need to focus on YOUR customers.



We know the rules, but we are also brave enough to break them. This is the only way to get outstanding results!

Anyway I'm a totem Animal

In animal totems, the llama is said to bring energies of hard work, responsability and endurance.

So this is a guarantee that we don't take ourselves too seriously but we do take our work seriously.

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