White Bamboo
organic teeth-whitening

The collaboration with White Bamboo started right from the beginning to designing the products, creating a brand identity and launching the website.


Firstly we made a beta version to see how viable the products are. Because it started on a smaller budget it was very important to get the most out of it and show for those who interested in organic teeth whitening the potencial of the brand and its amazing products. The plan was that the first year we get to know the brand with people and what its values are and if it would be successful we would help them to expand and get more market share.


We are currently working on the new version of the project with a brand new, more friendly design and a guideline on how to tell its own story online. The case study will be updated as soon as the new version of WhiteBamboo is released.


Visual Identity

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Product packaging Design


UX and UI Design


Influencer marketing